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    Bakery Assistant, Cake Decorator - Part-Time

    Docklands VIC, Australia
    • Costco Docklands
    • Part Time Position 24 hrs per week
    • Rotating roster which will include weekend work and starts from 5am or finishing as late as 10pm.

    Description of position:

    Job Task : Cake Decorator 

    Task : The cake decorator will constantly stand and frequently walk to complete icing , filling and decorating of bakery products. Ocassionally pushing and pulling of tiered trolleys is required to bring goods to be decorated to the bench area. items on trays weighing up to 8kg are retrieved from between 200mm to 1750mm with occasional squatting and overhead reaching for low or high level trays. 

    Mixing of icing and other filling is completed in the large mixer. Bags of ingredients weighing up to 25kg are lifted and carried to the mixer. once completed the mixing bowl weighing u to 40 kg is team lifted by two persons and tipped into a tub. The icing or filling is then scoped from the tub requiring repeated stooping and applied to cakes on the bench . Constant bilateral hand and arm activities are required to spread filling or icing with spatula, pipe decorative features and roll cakes to coat edges. Hand activities are also required to make up display boxes and label plastic containers. 

    Equipment such as the slicer and other apparatus is located under the bench requiring squatting to retrieve.

    Once items are completed they are reloaded onto tiered trolley which is pushed to either the cool room or to display racks on warehouse floor. Repeated forward reach and some stooping are required to set out items for sale on shelving from 380mm to 1500mm or in chest fridge requiring up to 900mm of forward reach. 

    Overall Physical demand leavel : The task are rated as Heavy work. 


    Daily tasks and responsibilities:

    • Inspects and reassembles equipment sanitized previous night. Reworks display case and rotates product.
    • Takes large trays of styro packaged bakery items  from large wheeled racks and places individual packages into automatic wrapping machine. Follows safety and security procedures.
    • Sets labeler according to product type and price, prints and applies labels to product.
    • Puts wrapped and labeled bakery products on large trays of large wheeled cart and stocks in display case by reaching through sliding windows or moving rack to floor.
    • Cleans and sanitizes area throughout the day. Performs duties to comply with health code, such as sanitation standards and maintaining proper temperatures.
    • Performs routine maintenance for machinery, equipment, and implements.
    • Cleans and sanitizes the meat area including bakery cooler and freezer. Sweeps, mops, sprays, washes, applies cleaning agents, wipes, and operates pressure washer. Cleans and re-fills mop bucket and cleans mop head.
    • Washes containers and utensils.
    • Collects cardboard and trash; operates trash compactor, cardboard baler. Takes laundry to laundry service pick-up area.
    • Logs sanitation procedures performed on daily report and complies with health code. Follows safety and security procedures and reads labels for proper use and precautions of cleaning products.

    Non-Essential Functions and Tasks:

    • Assists with front end duties as necessary and provides prompt and courteous member service.
    • Assists in other departments of the warehouse as necessary.

    Qualifications (Costco-specific or industry-specific skills that candidates should possess):

    • Education/Training: Bakery/Pastry
    • Licenses/Certifications: Food Safety Certification required within 3 months/Manual Handling
    • Experience: Must Have Experience in bakery.
    • Knowledge/Skills: Baking and Pastry.

    Must be available to work a rotating schedule which includes weekends, early morning starts and evening work. Must be available Monday to Sunday.

    Type: Part-Time

    Category: Retail and Consumer Products

    Reference ID: AU2137W.000246

    Date Posted: 30/12/2020


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