Job Detail

    Costco Ipswich Gas Station Attendant

    Ipswich QLD, Australia
    • Be part of this fresh and dynamic team of retail professionals.
    • Roster will include weekend work, early starts and late evenings
    • Part Time Position

    Job Duties/Essential Functions

    • Inspects pumps and all equipment for problems, assists and educates members as needed, monitors flow and directs traffic moving through the gas station. 
    • Enforces national fire codes and Costco safety policies, (ie) no smoking, ignition turned off, filling storage containers. Responds to alarms appropriately. Use of fire extinguisher as needed. 
    • Monitors fuel deliveries, ensures safety precautions, and completes all documentation.
    • Researches area competitive pricing using private vehicle; documents report into computer daily. 
    • Performs daily inspections of all equipment . Performs routine maintenance, changing filters and nozzles;controls open and closed signs.
    • Cleans gas spills using neutralizing agent and/or absorbing cloth, disposes of materials in secure containers. 
    • Loads pump receipt tape and ribbons.
    • Inspects, performs, documents and arranges for all routine equipment maintenance.

    Ability to operate vehicles, equipment or machinery

    • Gas pumps, card reader, spill kit, computer, 2 - way radio, phone, fire extinguisher, reacher/grabber, ladder and private vehicle. 

    Non Essential Functions

    • Assists with Front End duties and in other departments of the warehouse, as necessary.

    Ability to operate vehicles, equipment or machinery

    • Cash register, tabletop/hand - held scanners, carts, flatbeds. 


    • Valid Drivers License required.
    • Gas station attendant experience preferred.
    • Open availability is needed to meet the needs of the business. 
    • Must be OVER 18 YEARS OLD to apply. 

    Type: Full-Time

    Category: Retail and Consumer Products

    Reference ID: AU2830W.000154

    Date Posted: 07/01/2021


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